Rockcorry Divers and The Lusitania

Frank McDermott, centre, from Rockcorry Divers, is pictured making the presentation of copies of Vic Verlinden’s book “Lusitania. The Underwater Collection” to Minister Heather Humphreys and Sammy Leslie.

The presentation was in appreciation of the work that Minister Humphreys did to get access to the wreckage of the RMS Lusitania, that was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1915, for Frank and members of the Rockcorry Divers group, and was made at Castle Leslie.
Photo Rory Geary

Top row: Steve Sanders Rockcorry divers, Adam Seweryn Rockcorry divers, Rez Soheil Rockcorry divers, Puc Oly Rockcorry divers.

Middle row: Dominic Robinson Bsac, Colin Luke Brennan Rockcorry divers, Fran Hockley Bsac, Stuart Williamson Lusitania historian, Padraig Begley Lusitania Museum, Christian Dalton Archaeologists, Clare Fitzsimmons Marine biologist Newcastle University, John Griffin Skipper Sea Hunter, JJ Hayes Lusitania Museum.

Front row : Peter McCamley Rockcorry divers, Scott yearly Bsac, Will Schwartzwald Bsac, Frank McDermott Rockcorry divers, Alex Whitaker Rockcorry divers.

Frank McDermott recently presented Heather Humphreys and Sammy Leslie with a comprehensive book chronicling Rockcorry’s ongoing efforts regarding the Lusitania wreck during a gathering of Rockcorry Divers and North Coast Search and Recovery. The book, “The Lusitania-The Underwater Collection” authored by internationally recognized technical diver and writer Vic Verlinden from Antwerp, provides a real-time narrative of the club’s dedicated endeavours to unveil historical secrets surrounding the tragic demise of the Lusitania.

Vic Verlinden the author of the book “The Lusitania-The Underwater Collection”

The book, a product of an eight-year venture and ten diving expeditions led by notable members of Rockcorry Divers, including Frank McDermott, Rez Soheil, and team leader Peter McCamley, unfolds the intricate details of their documentation and photography efforts. Heather Humphreys, acknowledged for her pivotal role as Minister of Heritage during the project’s initiation in 2017 by the Technical Dive Group, known as Project 17, received specific gratitude for her contributions. This ongoing initiative aims to contribute substantially to the investigative work on the Lusitania, with plans underway for a ninth year of exploration. The book not only details their efforts but also highlights their aspirations to gain permission to retrieve artifacts from the wreck, showcasing the commitment and perseverance of Rockcorry Divers.

A significant milestone for Project 17 and Rockcorry Divers was the relocation of the Lusitania’s Davit from Annalong in Northern Ireland to The Lusitania Museum in Kinsale in 2019. This achievement marked a notable step in preserving and showcasing elements of the historic ship. Offering a unique and in-depth perspective on the extensively documented history
of the Lusitania, the publication serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of those involved in unravelling the mysteries surrounding this historic ship.

For individuals interested in delving into the rich history and ongoing exploration of the Lusitania, the book provides a
comprehensive resource, shedding light on the dedication, challenges, and achievements of Rockcorry Divers and their associates. The book can be purchased here

Rez Soheil is the diver who found the lost bridge telegraph and recovered it after a botched effort a few years previous. He is Rockcorry’s REVO CCR instructor and also covers the UK and Ireland.